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Earthian Products

Our food products are organic and vegan. We carefully select our stock to be as sustainable as possible to support a low waste lifestyle. Below we have highlighted some of the suppliers we are proud to work with.

For a full list of our products, or to order online, please head to our dedicated shopping platform. We offer free click and collect, or zero emissions home delivery to the following postcodes:

- SO22 and SO23 is delivered on Fridays

- SO14 to SO19 is delivered on Mondays

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Miniml Refills

Miniml are an independent business based in Yorkshire. They make all their products here in the UK, and they're all vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, and free from parabens and sulphates.

We stock a big range of Minimls cleaning liquids and personal care refills. Including their new range, Good Human Skincare, which includes cleanser, toner, face mist and moisturiser. 

As well as being free from nasty chemicals, Miniml also operate a closed-loop supply chain. This is one of the things that sets our liquids section apart from others out there. We send all our tubs back, big or small, and they're cleaned and refilled at the factory to be sent out again. 

Minimls factory is also run on 80% solar energy and they are a living wage employer, ensuring sustainability and ethics run through to the core of the business.


We also source a lot of our cleaning refills from SESI, who are a family run business based in Oxford. They make all their own products in the UK, creating vegan, cruelty-free and natural formulas.


We also source our powders from SESI. Currently we have Laundry Powder, Dishwasher Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid and Epsom Salt as bulk refills.

Again, we operate a closed-loop supply chain with SESI, where all the tubs are returned to be cleaned and refilled. They are also a distributor of other brands, which allows us to source our cooking oils in bulk with returnable tubs as well.

SESI has strong ethics, investing in charities such as Bicester Green, Restore Charity in Oxford and Roots and Cycles in London.


Forest Edge Roasting Company

Forest Edge Roasting is an independent artisanal roaster based in Lyndhurst, New Forest. They source their beans from traceable farms, ensuring the highest quality beans and ethical farming practices. Through this, they invest in projects such as sustainable farming, education, women in farming and bringing clean water to coffee communities.

Both their roastery and café are powered by renewable energy, and they are committed to sustainability in all their practices. For Earthian Zero Waste Shop, and their other local stockists, they provide bulk coffee using a closed loop supply chain. This means that all tubs are returned for refill at the roastery without waste.

Their unique coffee blends are roasted in small batches just days before they are sent out for delivery, ensuring the freshest coffee is made available at our shop for refill. We currently stock 3 caffeinated blends and one decaffeinated, all as either beans or ground.



Toilet roll might not seem like the most exciting product to highlight here. However, we proudly source ours from a small, family run business in Leicestershire that produces toilet roll and kitchen paper in the UK from recycled post-consumer paper.

They package the rolls without any plastic and it is available from us either as loose rolls, or in boxes of 24. The boxes are printed with vegetable inks and sourced from the UK too. 

One of the top materials of recent years has been bamboo due to it growing incredibly fast, unlike trees, and using much less water to grow than crops like cotton. Although it offers a lower carbon footprint than virgin tree pulp. bamboo paper has to be shipped from overseas and has high air miles. All things considered, we prefer the local option of recycled paper made in the UK, by another small indie business.

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