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Green Christmas Gifting 2021

A guide to buying eco gifts from Earthian Zero Waste Shop.


Did you know that an estimated 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging could be thrown away at Christmas? 1 Brands and manufacturers add extra layers of unnecessary single use packaging to products to create enticing gift sets, but the majority of this plastic will not be recycled.

Sustainability has been a big talking point these last few years and one positive result of this is more and more people are opting for eco-friendly gifts for their loved ones. Not only does shopping locally for green gifts help the planet, you're also ensuring the future for our high street at its most crucial time of the year.

While we are here to provide you with everyday essentials all year round, we are also getting into the festive spirit with lots of new items on our shelves. We've never been so full of exciting eco-friendly products that will make thoughtful, conscientious gifts this year.

To help inspire you I've put together some bundle ideas split into different price ranges. Everything mentioned in this blog is available to buy from us at Earthian Zero Waste Shop.

Under £15:

The Perfect Secret Santa - £5.60

If you're on a tight budget or looking for something small to give in a secret santa you can't go wrong with a soap and soap dish bundle for £5.60. Or, swap out the bamboo dish for a sisal soap pouch which doubles as an exfoliating wash mitt.

Hair Care Bundle - £12.10

Do you know someone who has been wanting to try solid shampoo and conditioner bars for a while? Why not give them the essentials with a shampoo and conditioner in a choice of fragrance plus a handy bamboo soap dish to store them in, all for £12.10.

Soaps and smellies - £9.09 to £11.69

Personal care items are really popular gifts at Christmas time. We have a range of lovely smelling soaps and bath bombs that can be matched with our ramie body puffs, soap dishes or sisal soap pouches to make a pampering bundle.

Toysets - £15 or under

We have a range of Playpress toy sets at the shop which are adorable and sustainable. They're completely plastic free, being made from a strong, thick cardboard. Inside the box are push out shapes that slot together easily to make toys and scenes. Sets are priced differently but all are around £15 or under.

Between £15 and £20:

Bath Time Bundle - £18.40

We have just starting stocking some lovely plastic free bath bombs and body moisturizing bars, both made here in the UK by small indie businesses. To create a bath time bundle and help someone to pamper themselves. You can bring together a ramie body puff, 2 bath bombs and a body moisturizing bar for £18.40.

Face Care Bundle - £17.35 to £20.44

We've got a range of skincare products on the shelves specifically for keeping the delicate skin on your face nourished and hydrated. To form a bundle, bring together an organic cotton muslin cloth with our facial cleansing soap and a soap dish, then choose from face cream, face oil or face moisturizing bars for a bundle that will cost between £17.35 and £20.44

Treated Toes - £19.73

Bring together a foot care bundle which includes a natural pumice stone, nail brush and a refreshing organic peppermint foot cream for £19.73. Great for anyone who is on their feet a lot and could do with a treat.

£20 and above:

The Clean Shave Bundle - £23.60 to £30

We have a safety razors in three colours - rose gold, silver or black. They come either with or without a stand and make a great gift. Depending on what you choose to add to the bundle it will cost between £23.60 and £30. I'd recommend adding either a shaving soap bar with one of our bamboo soap dishes, or a bottle of shaving oil.

Refill Starter Kit - £33.94

Starting refill shopping doesn't need to be expensive, but you can help someone to level up their refill kit with some of our lovely sets at the shop. Pair a pack of Onya Life produce bags with the bulk food bag kit for £33.94. Together this will give someone 5 net bags for loose fruit and vegetables, 3 bulk food bags for dried foods and a tote bag. Both sets come with their own carry pouches. We also have some lovely net shopping bags from Turtle bags in a range of colours.

Shower Kit - £23.50

Would you like to help someone with their bathroom goals? We have some beautiful amber glass bottles in store, which can be filled and labeled with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Give the gift of all three in 500ml bottles for £23.50. The best part of this gift is you are helping someone with the initial outlay on bottles so that they can have affordable refills in the future.

Sustainable Makeup Removal Set - £26.45

We have lovely sets of reusable cotton rounds, which come with a wash bag. Pair this with our locally handmade makeup removal balm and our facial cleansing soap for £26.45. You can also choose to level up this gift set by adding a face and eye cream to keep skin hydrated.

Sustainable gift wrapping:

To bring everything together we have some sustainable gift wrapping at the shop so you can get everything you need in one place.

Our wrapping paper created by Re-wrapped is made in the UK from 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks. This lovely paper is not coated or decorated with any plastic or metal so it is fully recyclable after Christmas day has passed. We stocked Re-wrapped last year and absolutely loved the designs, all by UK designers and the quality of the paper is fantastic so I was keen to bring it back.

I'm also really excited about our new paper tape which is covered in cute Christmas print. You can still find our plain paper tape, in two widths if you'd prefer. We also have some colourful jute or cotton twine and recycled paper bows to tie it all together.

Don't forget to treat yourself:

We also have some new food and drink options available at the shop. They could make lovely gifts for friends and family but it's also important to treat yourself to something nice at this time of year too!

For a limited time we have some plastic free advent calendars by Gnaw and H!P Chocolate. Alongside these you can find chocolate dipped mango and a range of vegan oat mylk chocolate bars in different flavours.

We're also stocking a range of organic loose leaf teas, including black, green and herbal tea infusions. These recently came in and can be found alongside some tea accessories, including stainless steel strainers and reusable tea bags so you can bring together a tea-themed gift.

I hope that you're as excited as I am to see the range at the shop growing! We're stocked up and ready to take on the festive season.

Take care and see you all soon,


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