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Lentil Wrap Recipe

Quick to make and only 2 ingredients!


I wanted to share a tasty, cheap and simple recipe with you! It's something I was excited to try for the first time yesterday - making my own red lentil wraps/tortillas. They are really quick and only include two ingredients - red split lentils and water. That's honestly all you need, a bit of salt and pepper or other flavourings could be added but are entirely optional.

Organic Red Split Lentils, from Earthian Zero Waste Shop

They are incredibly cheap to make, if you don't already have some red split lentils tucked away at the back of a cupboard you can get organic lentils at our shop for only 35p per 100g! For me, the best part about this recipe is it requires very little effort - no kneading dough, or rolling out flat wraps.

Lentil wraps are perfect for anyone who is on a gluten free or low carbohydrate diet. It's also an easy way to sneak in extra protein.

It may seem obvious to say, but I was curious before I tried them what they'd taste of. They taste of lentils, of course, but it's not a strong flavour on it's own. This means you can add a range of different fillings or use it on the side of different meals without worrying that they'll overpower the dish.

To make 6 medium sized tortilla wraps you will need:

- 200g (approximately 1 cup) of red split lentils = £0.70 from Earthian Zero Waste Shop

- 400ml (approximately 2 cups) of water

You will also need a blender, bowl, ladle and flat frying pan.

1 cup of lentils after soaking in water

How to make them:

  1. Take 1 cup (200g) of red split lentils and place them in a bowl or jug. You can use other lentils, but keep in mind that they take longer to soften.

  2. Pour over 2 cups of water. If you increase the recipe amount, always keep the ratio of lentils to water the same - 1:2.

  3. Let the lentils soak for at least 3 hours. I put mine in a bowl in the morning and let them soak over the day so I could finish the recipe in the evening. Extra soaking is fine, but don't rush this part as the lentils shouldn't be crunchy.

  4. Take your soaked lentils and put them in a blender with the water they were soaking in. Do not strain that away. At this point you can add seasoning if you wish, I left mine plain and they were lovely as they were.

  5. Blend the mixture until smooth, you're looking for a consistency similar to pancake mix.

  6. Put a pan on a medium heat and allow it to warm up. No oil is needed for cooking these, they should lift and flip easily without it.

  7. Ladle the mixture into the pan and spread it out. You can either do this by tilting the pan from side to side and letting it run, or you can use the back of the ladle to smooth it.

  8. Allow it to cook for a minute or so on each side. In a similar way to pancakes, you'll be able to tell when the first side is cooked as small bubbles will rise up and it will start to lift from the pan.

  9. After cooking let the wraps cool down and store them in the fridge. They can also be frozen so that they keep longer.

Here are my finished tortilla wraps! They're a little rough round the edges as it was my first try, but they were really soft and easy to roll up. Next time I make them I'll probably use a pan lid to help guide the mixture into a more rounded shape, but that's more for the aesthetic benefit.

The finished wraps!

They were delicious and only took about 20minutes of effort all in (not including soaking time as I wasn't really there for that part!). My first wrap, in the picture, was filled with lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, roughly crushed butter beans and vegan mayo. It was very good.

If you give this recipe a go, I'd love to hear how you get on! There are lots of things that can be added to the recipe to suit different meals, I'm looking forward to experimenting.

Take care and happy cooking!


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