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Supplier Spotlight – Forest Edge Roasting Co

A little about the fantastic company that supplies our coffee beans and grounds.


I’m delighted to unveil the first of our Supplier Spotlights series! The products that we stock at Earthian have been carefully chosen because of the ethos, sustainability, and the passion behind each company. It was really important to me to work with local people and with small businesses that I have a connection with.

Through this mini blog series, I’d like to share their story and help to highlight the great work they’re doing. I’ll also be including a mini interview with the fantastic, hardworking people behind the company so that they can share how their business came to life. I hope that you enjoy learning more about the products we have on our shelves.

About Forest Edge Roasting Co.

Forest Edge is an independent coffee roasting company based in the New Forest, Hampshire. The coffee blends they create are handcrafted and full of flavour and depth. They work closely with farmers to ensure ethical practice from the very beginning, with fair wages for farmers, clean water to communities and good working conditions.

They are also passionate about sustainability, running their roastery using solar energy! Their packaging is sustainable, whether that’s through recyclable or compostable materials, but I am delighted that their coffee is delivered to us in returnable tubs so that there is zero wasted packaging. We then decant into dispensers to fill your containers from home.

How I came across Forest Edge.

Forest Edge Roasting Co - beans on the counter, 2020.

I first found out about this amazing coffee company before Christmas in 2019. I was actually crowdfunding for the zero waste shop at the same time as Robyn. I read her story and was so impressed with her commitment to ethical coffee farming and sustainable roasting that I donated to the fundraiser and made a note to get in touch when the shop started moving forward in the new year.

I have also bought some beans and grounds for myself, my husband and our friends. We all agree the flavour is fantastic. I’m pleased to stock something that I know is good and that I’d happily have in my kitchen at home.

A mini interview with Robyn.

It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Robyn, both in bringing her fantastic coffee to our little shop and in putting together our first Supplier Spotlight. I asked a few questions to find out more about Forest Edge and what makes their beans so special.

  • What inspired you to set up Forest Edge Roasting Co?

“I developed my skills as Barista and a love for the coffee culture whilst I was overseas and wished to bring this back to the UK. It occurred to me one day, that if the barista can influence the final result, imagine what you could do if you got hold of the beans in their raw state!? I became passionate about bringing to the market a coffee that was both fabulous in taste but also in its ethos - one which supported our planet and its people over profit. In a little warehouse in the woods - Forest Edge was born.”

  • Why was sustainability important to you and how you produce coffee?

“A couple of years back I took the ‘Plastic Free July Challenge’ - it changed my outlook and perception of our impact on the world and the fast consumerism that has become the norm. I knew if I was going to be true to my beliefs, my business had to reflect them.

Equally, I was so tired of being given the “its too expensive” or “its not possible” fob offs when I knew there were alternatives out there!

As such, at every stage, I focus on sustainability. I choose coffee that puts profits towards projects that support sustainability of the land; I use solar energy to power the running of the roastery; the coffee bags are recyclable, (or for local wholesale reuse tubs); and all the postal packaging is FSC approved, or waste from the coffee cup industry.”

  • What is your proudest moment since opening Forest Edge Roasting Co?

“When you’ve grown a business from a sketch in a notepad to it being real life every moment is a proud one. When you first see it on the shelves, when people buy your product, and return! When cafes supply it, understand the ethos, or you get a rave review. Every little thing feels like an achievement!”

  • Which is your favourite coffee roast?

“Currently, my favourite is Drifters - notes of citrus softened by vanilla undertones and a creamy finish. It’s my afternoon coffee go to!”

What we have in stock.

Coffee canisters on the shelf in the shop, 2020.

Currently we stock three blends, in both whole beans and grounds. We have Robyn’s favourite Drifters and another popular blend called Forest Edge Roast, which has a deeper flavour profile of dark chocolate and nut. Alongside these, we also have a great tasting decaf.

If you’d like to learn more about Robyn and Forest Edge Roasting Co, please pop over to their website. You can also drop into the shop to pick up some of their lovely beans. You can buy as much or as little as you like as it is sold by weight, so why not try a cup or two and let us know what you think!

Thanks a latte for reading to the end! Take care and speak to you all soon.


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