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Supplier Spotlight - Proud Mary Soaps

Find out who makes our gorgeous smelling shampoo bars and conditioner bars.


Welcome to another in my Supplier Spotlight series. I'm really excited to share more details about the amazing artisan business that makes our shampoo and conditioner bars here at Earthian.

About Proud Mary Soaps.

Proud Mary Soaps is a wonderful, eco-business based locally in Alton, Hampshire. They use organic, raw and ethically sourced oils and butters to benefit hair and skin, much of which is sourced within the UK or from local Hampshire farms. Their fantastic soaps and shampoo bars are made using a traditional cold-pressed method and are free from palm oil, parabens, SLS and SLES.

They use minimal, plastic free packaging for their lovely products and for their deliveries to the shop as well. The paper and card is both recyclable and compostable so low waste and good for the earth. All products are also vegan and cruelty free.

How I came across Proud Mary Soaps.

Shampoo Bars Curing, 2020

Back at the very beginning of 2020, which seems like an age ago and a very different world to now, I attended the Minimal Waste Market in Badgers Farm with my handmade items. I was on a stall next to Proud Mary Soaps and I was very nervous as this was my first time running a market stall but Tori was so lovely and supportive. It was a joy to see her enthusiasm when talking to market goers and to have the delicious fragrance of her soaps around waft over throughout the day.

After following (stalking) Proud Mary Soaps on Instagram and watching her business continue to flourish over the rest of the year, I knew I wanted to work with Tori to bring plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars to the shop. Not only is it a local, handmade business but her love for what she does and for the planet shines through in her products.

A little interview with Tori.

Working with Tori to bring her bar shampoo and conditioners to the shop has been a wonderful experience. She is such a supportive and joyful person to know and I was pleased to have the chance to hear from her directly where Proud Mary Soaps began, and where it's going.

Proud Mary Soap Shampoo and Conditioners, 2020
  • What inspired you to set up Proud Mary Soaps?

"I have always loved bath, skin and hair products, however I also have sensitive/reactive skin SO, finding good quality products, within a fair budget AND Earth friendly has been a life-long challenge! After years of paying top price for soaps, I decided to have a go myself using my own home sourced ingredients. I initially made soap for the family but it quickly went from hobby to obsession so I decided to create Proud Mary Soaps and see how my products did on the market."

  • Why is sustainability important to you and to how you run your business?

"I wanted to create products that were easy to make, use and were easy to dispose of. Sustainability means sourcing all my ingredients, labels and packaging in a responsible way with minimum plastic waste on my end or the customer's end! I also want quality to be the main criteria for what goes on the body. I don't use any unnecessary fillers, substitutes or nasties, just the real ingredients. I pay Fairtrade prices on all my butters and oils and support local farmers and businesses alike. I also work with like minded businesses who share the same ethos and values around sustainability."

  • What aspirations or plans do you have for Proud Mary Soaps in the future?

"Hopefully, to continue encouraging customers and retailers to live, work and shop more sustainably. Making those small, everyday choices like buying a bar of soap over another plastic throwaway container can only lead to more positive behaviours. Plus, who doesn't love unwrapping and smelling a fresh bar of soap? Beautiful!"

  • Which is your favourite soap fragrance combination?

"Not fair! There are too many amazing combos out there to pin just one down, however, if I had to choose one, it would have to be something for any and all occasions...Lavender & Fresh Linen! It's clean and soothing and just a wonderful smell."

What we have in stock.

At the moment we stock shampoo bars and conditioner bars from Proud Mary Soaps but I'm looking forward to working with Tori to expand what we stock in the future. Currently we have:

  • Rhubarb and Custard Shampoo Bar

  • Lemongrass and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

  • Chamomile Shampoo Bar

  • Apple and Geranium Rose Conditioner Bar

  • Cocoa and Cinnamon Conditioner Bar

They smell amazing and the best thing about them is that they last well and don’t need any transition from normal bottled hair care. The conditioner bars especially are very nourishing. They are the equivalent of about 300ml of liquid. I melt my bar down at home as I find it easier to apply with my curly hair but I can confirm it fills my glass bottle with lovely creamy conditioner that leaves my hair soft and manageable.

If you’d like to try hair care bars instead of bottles, or know someone who would love these as a gift this Christmas do come and visit us at the shop.

Take care,


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