What’s inside:


This bottle brush is great for your reusable bottles, or for cleaning out jars and containers with narrow openings. The brush is completely plastic free, made from the stiff bristles from coconut, metal and sustainably sourced wood for the handle.


The brush has a string to hang it from, to keep your brush in good condition for longer please make sure to let it dry completely between uses.


How to use:


This can be used as normal to wash the inside of reusable bottles, jars or other containers. At the end of it’s life, it can be repurposed for getting behind taps and other hard to clean areas.


The coconut core and the wooden handle can be composted and the metal core can be taken out and recycled, please check your local recycling center for details of what they can take.


What it’s made of:


The handle is made from wood, the metal is rustproof and recyclable and the bristles are made from coconut coir.


Additional information:


Dimensions: W:50mm, D:33mm, H:285mm

Coconut Bottle Brush