What's inside:


Each pack of PATCH plasters contains 25 hypoallergenic adhesive strips. They are made of bamboo, which means they are fully biodegradable and can be home composted. PATCH plasters will disappear into the soil in 8 to 10 weeks. 


These plasters are made from natural, organic and sustainably sourced materials. They are plastic, latex, silicon and paraben free, which makes them excellent for sensitive skin as well as kind to the planet. 


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Will help to draw impurities and infections out of your wounds . These are especially good for helping heal splinters and bites.


ENRICHED WITH COCONUT OIL: Plasters with fun and cute panda designs that have added coconut oil to help assist your natural healing process on abrasions and grazes.


ALOE VERA: Perfect for assisting with burns and blisters by helping soothe injurie and boost your own natural recovery.


NATURAL: Natural, sensitive plasters made to help protect small cuts and scratches.


How to use:


PATCH plasters are sterile and safe so long as the outer packaging has not been opened or damaged. 


Clean and dry the area and apply a PATCH plaster. Change frequently, either daily or as needed to ensure the area stays protected for a quick recovery.


Additional information:


100% Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free. 

PATCH Plasters