What’s inside:


Proud Mary Soaps is a wonderful, artisan maker based here in Hampshire. They create high quality bath and beauty from nourishing ingredients and using traditional soap making processes.


This shampoo bar is filled with moisturizing oils that will leave your hair feeling clean, light and healthy.  Unlike some shampoo bars, Proud Mary Soaps create bars that don’t require a long transition period from using bottled products. They are deeply cleansing without being drying and they are easy to use as the create a wonderfully thick lather.


Chamomile has a subtle fragrance that is enough to leave your hair smelling fresh and clean without being overpowering. Known to be soothing, the Chamomile in the bar can be beneficial for sensitive scalps. It is also ideal for blonde, or fair hair as Chamomile naturally lightens the hair and helps to give it shine.


How to use:


Wet your hair and the bar then rub the bar between your hands to create a thick and bubbly lather. Transfer the lather to the scalp and work through the hair, then rinse with warm water and repeat. The first wash will loosen the oils and build up while the second wash will help to fully cleanse the hair.

Follow up with conditioner if needed.




Additional information:


Plastic free, vegan, SLS free, SLES free and cruelty free.


Comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

Proud Mary Soaps Shampoo Bar - Chamomile