What’s inside:


Each pack comes with 3 steel scourers the are heavy-duty for cleaning tough stains and burnt on food from pots, pans and hard surfaces. Each scourer is a sponge-like nest made from galvanized steel making it resistant to rust. Please ensure that they are left to dry out completely between uses to preserve them.


These steel scourers are tough and will not be suitable for non-stick pans. They’re completely free from plastic and are wrapped in a recycled and recyclable paper pack.


How to use:


Use for heavy duty cleaning, such as on hard surfaces and burnt on food. They are not suitable for non-stick pans. Always let it dry completely between uses to prevent rust.


What it’s made of:


Galvanized steel which can be recycled. Please check your local recycling center for details of what they accept.


Additional information:


Dimensions: 9.5cm diameter

Steel Scourers - Pack of 3