What's inside:


Each tin contains 62 toothpaste tablets, which is the equivalent of 1 months supply for one person brushing twice a day. They are available either with flouride or flouride-free. 


The tablets come in a food grade tin, which can be refilled using the toothpaste tablet refill packs or reused for a new purpose. They are also fully recyclable.


How to use:


To use the toothpaste tablets, pop one in your mouth and chew it to break it down - it will start to turn creamy like a paste but won't froth like regular toothpaste. Brush your teeth and spit as usual, do not swallow the toothpaste. It has a subtle mint flavour, which gives them a pleasant taste and leaves your breath fresh!




Sorbitol, calclum carbonate, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, hydrated silica, maltodextrin, yeast extract, sodium monofluorophosphate, magnesium stearate, mentha arvensis leaf oil, menthol, stevioside, mentha piperita oil.


Additional information:


Once open use within 12 months.


Each flouride tablet contains 14550ppm, which is the equivalent amount of flouride that regular toothpaste provides in a recommended portion. The benefit of using toothpaste tablets is that flouride degrades over time in water and so toothpaste can become less effective after it has been sat on a shelf for a while. Toothpaste tablets are completely dry ensuring the correct dose of flouride for healthy teeth in each brush. 


Made in the UK using responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging materials.


100% Vegan.

Toothpaste Tablets