What’s inside:


This dish brush is completely plastic free, from the wooden handle, plant-based bristles and the metal fixtures. The brush head can be easily removed when it starts to wear out and is home compostable. New brush heads are available, simple attach the new one to your existing handle which you can keep for many years!


The bristles are hard-wearing and will hold their shape without going soft. The handle is designed to be kept and reused multiple times, to keep it in good condition it is best to let it dry out completely between uses.


How to use:


This dish washing brush can be used like any other to clean your pots, pans and plates. When the brush part wears out, simple release the clip by pulling the metal loop down and the brush will slide off. Install the new brush head and pull the metal loop up again to secure it in place.


What it’s made of:


The wooden handle is made from FSC ® certified beech wood. The bristles are made from Tampico, which is a robust fiber sourced from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus. The fixtures are all metal.


Additional information:


Home compostable, biodegradable and sustainably sourced.


Total length with head: 24cm approx

Length of handle: 16cm

Brush Head diameter: 4cm

Wooden Dish Brush