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Shop Online With Us!

Home Delivery, Click and Collect, and Subscriptions now available!


I am very excited to introduce our new website, which provides more convenient ways to shop with us. It feels like the right time to be expanding our services to include a fully functioning online platform. We are approaching our second birthday and our range of products has grown a tremendous amount in these last two years.

We aren't moving fully online though, don't worry! The shop is our home and will still be our hub of operations for a long time to come. We would hate to lose the connection it gives us to our community and our customers, so please continue to pop in for a chat, to stock up, or grab a few bits while you're running errands. Just know that when life gets hectic, you can order online and let us do the work for you!

I didn't think it would be right to launch the site without also highlighting the two amazing companies I'm working with to make it happen...


Our website has been built (coded) from scratch by a small UK based company. Their aim is to help other small businesses to compete with giants in an online world. They created Tillex, which also serves a number of other zero waste shops, bakeries and breweries around the UK so that customers can access local businesses with the same ease that they might have buying from supermarkets.

We have been working together for the last 4 months to set up the website and populate the extensive background software. It has been intense and many, many hours have gone into it but I feel it's been worth the effort, I hope you do too.

It has been built with feedback from customers in mind. I've heard that more options are needed for shopping sustainably when juggling busy lives, and so I knew it had to be streamlined and enjoyable to use. Our new website is more than just a catalogue of our products, you can order for home delivery or click and collect, booking slots that are convenient for you. We will keep you informed by text at key moments in your order's journey, but you can also see all your orders with us on your account.


One of the key aspects of expanding into home deliveries is ensuring that we keep to our sustainable values. This is why we decided to partner with Zedify to fulfill our orders.

They are a zero emissions courier who uses cargo bikes, trikes and light electric vans to deliver goods locally. Their aim is to reduce traffic congestion and pollution by using clean forms of transport and working as part of a local city hub. They collect from their partnering businesses and plan routes to be as efficient as possible.

They are also an ethical business, who pay their riders the Real Living Wage. I talked about this in my last blog when we became an accredited Living Wage employer ourselves. It's important, not only for job satisfaction, but ensuring that everyone is able to live comfortably and still enjoy a work-life balance.

Shopping with Earthian ONLINE!

So, here it is! I'm so pleased to see this launch today. The button below will take you there -

I've also embedded a video here which shows the website in action for a click and collect order booked on mobile. If you're unsure about giving it a go, this will hopefully give you an idea of how to use it, navigate the menus and what to do to book your slot.

I also wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and encouragement. We are only able to grow with our customers so I really do hope you'll enjoy this new shopping platform. Feedback is always welcome and we'll continue to improve it, the range and the services it provides as we go along!

Take care,


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